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It is the work of an artist to create. Creation - customarily imagined as the necessary result of an artistic process that drives those engaged in it. Often this process is thought of as a journey from nothing to something – so how can we explore a creation journey from something, to an equal and more meaningful something?


Ex nihilo – Latin phrasing for ‘out of nothing’. Most usually appearing in relation to the concept of creation – or creatio ex nihilo, meaning "creation out of nothing”.


A moment in time, during which excess is the rule, rather than the exception, there’s a call to shift attention towards design and responsibility, and refocus the core of apparel towards sustainable practices. To revive the relation between process and product.

Throughout the month of September, by way of speakers, workshops, and design itself, we are exploring the connection of responsibility to design, and the role that apparel plays in our lives. A closer attention to how we wear, what we wear, and how the production process impacts the day-to-day.

Creating a series of t-shirts that reflect this attitude, we have reworked the fabrication process – instead of design, pattern, create, we’ve turned things around. Conventionally, this fabrication process wastes approximately 30% of the fabric - in this series, there was an effort to minimize fabric waste, and as such, merged design and pattern making, into one. Starting with the pattern, and creating as little waste as possible, the lab will feature four limited edition designs that embody the connection to design, the wearer and the clothing, the maker and the process.

We are choosing to build responsibility into design, and thus creating a vision for the future, that focuses around sustainability. By reminding ourselves and others of the process and product when relating to apparel production, we also reconnect with the pride that comes from what we wear – and value on craftsmanship and the process of the artisan.

Collection available September 24th.

Jewelery by Army of Rokosz